Saturday, February 26, 2011

Saturday Shopping with BrisStyle

I love Etsy and almost everyday I favourite(Y) something, so I thought what a great way to start blogging..... join in with the BrisStyle 'Let's Go Shopping!' Saturday fun.
At work this week (House and Doll, Bulimba) I have been reorganising the miniature cabinet which has inspired this weeks theme...amazing miniatures on Etsy :)

Rainbow Terrarium Set Fluttering Flowers

Butcher's Board shayaaron

Wedding Cake Chikipita


  1. Wow, the Butcher's board is amazing! I'm in Oxford Str all the time as I live around the corner and have been into House & Doll a few times! Will have to pop in and say hi next time!

  2. Well look at this fantastic blog and that beautiful face smiling out at me...Go Tracey!! I heart denim days xxx Katherine