Monday, March 26, 2012

What I am Working On

Tonight I have been putting the finishing touches on some new denim flower brooches. It takes quite a while for them to come together, Mum and I rarely sit there and make one flower from start to finish. A lot of the time, the shapes left over from another project inspire us into making a few petals or an interesting centre, then we continue to make a few more if they turn out looking half decent! When we have collected a few layers we mix and match to see what looks good and put them together to create a really unique recycled accessory :)

Some of these will be available at the next BrisStyle Twilight market on Friday the 27th April, you will also find some at 'Just Plain Gorgeous' in Oxford St Bulimba 7 days a week (well worth the visit, lots of gorgeous goodies) !
:) Tracey

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Saturday Strawberries on Etsy

I have been reading a lot of blogs from the USA this week and they are rejoicing in the beginning of Spring...lots of bright colours, bunnies and flowers, which made me think of yummy bright red strawberries. So I have found some gorgeous handmade strawberry picks from Etsy this week.
Pop on over to BrisStyle this week to see what other people have been Etsy shopping for today!

Sweet strawberry sticker pack from Joey Design(one of my favourite shops!)

Strawberry Shortcake Paper Cake favor party box printables from Paper Glitter

Strawberry Playsuit by Sewoeno

Now I need to eat some sweet strawberries! Hope you like my picks this week.
:) Tracey