Friday, May 20, 2011

Remember Shrinkie Plastic?

I remember as a kid shrinking our potato chip packets in the oven, they turned out so little and cute, I thought it was amazing....don't try it now kiddies, chip packets are now made out of foil :(  However I have been having a play with some shrinkie plastic, again from Stamp and Scrapbook Madness . I really like the pendants I have made from it, using some stamps from Unity. I am teaching a class soon, where I will show you how to make them, other shrinkie things and  also how to make some beautiful paper beads.

Classes are scheduled for Thursday 9th June 10am-12noon and for Saturday 2nd July 1pm-3pm check out the full schedule here or call us on  3395 5003 for more information :)


  1. Tracey you are so clever it is giving me a complex, ha! I loved shrinkie stuff. The classes sound so cool and I love the pendants. Have you given them names ? They look like they need names. xx Katherine

  2. I agree with Katherine. You are undeniably crafty and clever!
    Talk about blast from the past. I do remember shrinking potato chips. They were so adorable. Ah those were the days.
    Your pendants are gorgeous!!