Monday, August 1, 2011

How to make Paper Rosettes

I have been having fun tonight making some rolled paper roses out of scrap paper, they are so easy to make and look really pretty on a card or a scrapbook layout, I am sure you can think of some other uses, once you are addicted to making them as well!

Start by cutting out a circle...I traced around a  ribbon spool. Try experimenting with different sizes

cut a spiral from the can draw the spiral first or just cut freehand as it does not need to be perfect, in fact a little unevenness is a good thing

I use a bamboo skewer to roll the spiral up...the inside of the spiral will be the side you see

keep rolling around and around..again it does not have to be perfect or tightly rolled, you are just making the paper take the shape

the inside of the spiral becomes the base of the flower..I let my roll undo a bit,  put a big blob of craft glue on the circle, then shape it onto the base..easy peasy and lots of fun!

now to make something with my pretty flowers :)


  1. Now only you could have the patience for those Trace. I would stuff it up for sure.

  2. that's great! thank you for such idea!


  3. Thank you for sharing your talent, I will try and hope they look something like yours....

  4. Adorable flowers. Thanks for sharing.