Monday, March 26, 2012

What I am Working On

Tonight I have been putting the finishing touches on some new denim flower brooches. It takes quite a while for them to come together, Mum and I rarely sit there and make one flower from start to finish. A lot of the time, the shapes left over from another project inspire us into making a few petals or an interesting centre, then we continue to make a few more if they turn out looking half decent! When we have collected a few layers we mix and match to see what looks good and put them together to create a really unique recycled accessory :)

Some of these will be available at the next BrisStyle Twilight market on Friday the 27th April, you will also find some at 'Just Plain Gorgeous' in Oxford St Bulimba 7 days a week (well worth the visit, lots of gorgeous goodies) !
:) Tracey

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