Tuesday, July 12, 2011

My Craft Room

The lovely Simone from Beach Vintage did a post on my craft room this time last year (follow this link to see ) I lived in a much bigger house then and had the room to spread out.
photos by Simone
photo by Simone

I am always interested in craft rooms, and how crafty people store all the bits and bobs that tend to collect. I have been inspired this week by Cathy from the Daily Marker who did a little feature a while ago on her craft room and her various storage techniques here is a link to her first post   A craft room to be admired !         
Watch my blog for some pics of my new, much smaller :( craft room, I will show you some storage solutions I have come up with to try and fit more in! 


  1. It all looks so organized! I am so jelly-eyed ;) You know I love storage, sometimes I think that I collec so much craft stuff just so I have an excuse to need more storage! I would also post a photo of my craft space but it would horrify more than inspire, perhaps I should hire you to help me revamp?

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  3. Hi, Tracey! I came upon your blog while looking for a craft room to feature over at my blog, craftrooms.blogspot.com. Anyway, I fell in love with your cards! They're just gorgeous! I have a website on card-making for beginners, www.lets-make-greeting-cards.com.. I'd like to invite you to "guest post" by sharing a card or two with us. :) If you have the time, please email me at rochelle(at)lets-make-greeting-cards(dot)com.. I'd be honored to have you on board. Lovely cards! Keep crafting!


  4. It was a pleasure to write this story and I just love the way you put everything together!

  5. Hey Tracey, I remember that post and it was fun to have a peek inside your creative zone. I can't wait to see your new room. Did you decide to make the shelf Roy got recently into a Doll's house, I thought that sounded FAB! xxx Katherine