Monday, July 18, 2011

My New Craft Room...part one

As promised, some pics of my new, smaller, craft room. I am still surrounded by things that inspire me,  it is a little bit more squished up but it is more organised, which is a good thing !

All my goodies within reach at my desk

A storage shelf for some of  my finished products, stamping stuff, books and beads
inspiring vintage treasures mixed in with some unfinished projects

computer and printer...essential tools!

not so much a mood board as lovely things and mementos that make me happy
Keep an eye out next time for a closer look at some of my storage solutions
x Tracey


  1. Gorgeous!!! I'm still trying to get mine set up!!! I'll get there in the end...........

  2. Absolutely lovely ;) I still love your lolly bead jars, and I always love a good storage close-up! I've been driving Dion mad by rearranging everything again, if it's ever tidy enough I shall post some pics ;)

  3. what a great space! Wish I could have a room set up for all my projects like this, but I guess that's the sacrifice I make for city living

  4. Love your space! You are so organized yet everything looks charming and handy! Thanks for sharing the link. HUGS!