Friday, March 4, 2011


Kewpie dolls are one of the cutest dolls ever made! They were originally featured in a comical strip like illustration in Ladies Home Journal 1909. The illustrator Rosie O'Neil was also a clever business women who recognised the appeal of these cute 'cupid' like dolls and went on to produce figurines,paper dolls, postcards, talcum powder boxes and salt and pepper shakers. There have been many variations since and most are highly collected and some very valuable.

At work, House and Doll Bulimba we stock a very cute plastic range from Japan. My daughter and I did a photoshoot some years ago with our Kewpies, we had so much fun!  I make badges, pocket mirrors and cards from these photos, which are available on line in my Etsy and Madeit stores or again in House and Doll

badge  available here
kewpie tea party

'What a Feast!'

'my new house'

bikini and tu tu made by Nana

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