Monday, March 21, 2011

My Newest Obsession.....Macrame

I probably shouldn't say my 'newest' obsession, because I was big into it in the 70's....I still have an awesome owl lurking in boxes somewhere. Now don't worry, no daggy pot holders, I have been making necklaces out of some nice recycled cotton twine and some lovely colourful hemp.

lovely natural fibres

bright red hemp

not sure if you can see in this photo, this hemp has a strand of real copper through it

This red hemp necklace was a present for my lovely sister-in-law, Happy Birthday Megan x

a natural creamy colour cotton
You can find them in Thousand Island Dressing or at my stall at The Mummy Tree Markets this Sunday. I will also list some in my Etsy and Madeit stores this week sometime. I hope you like them, I really enjoy making them :)


  1. Tracy...what are you doing to me?? These are fantastic...I so want one....or maybe two ha! My fav is the red, as you know I love red. You are too clever. Do you ever sleep? xx Katherine

  2. forgot an e Tracey xx sorry, I am a terrible speller.