Saturday, March 5, 2011

Let's Go Shopping!

My favourite day of the week, Let's Go Shopping on Etsy with BrisStyle! Actually everyday is window shopping on Etsy day, but today I get to share what I have found :)
Card Brooch - Fruity
fruity card brooch by Ali Pink

This week I thought I would show you some of my favourite greeting cards.

True Friend Card
I love all of Kathy's cards from Sweet Simplicitee

Set of 6 Handmade Cards
Set of 6 cards by Kathy Panton

Circle cards Set of 3
Set of 3 Circle Cards by MiuAndUmi

Wedding Card - Cherish
Wedding card Cherish by Able and Game
I used this one for our wedding invitations last year

Geeky Card - I would give up my superfast internet BOY VERSION
Geeky card by Able and Game
I am not sure if my husband would :)


  1. Nice choices! And yes, I doubt my husband would give up fast internet for me...

    Teneale x

  2. Too cute. Love the wedding invitation choice.
    S x

  3. Ha! The geeky card is a so funny and a sign of the times. Love your wedding invitations - very stylish and a little left field, which always appeals. Etsy is a labyrinth I should not enter... yet do and disappear, on too many occasions... :)

  4. A girl can never have too many cards set aside ready for any occasion. I would love to have all of the ones you have listed - excellent choices.

  5. Your picks are so sweet! I'd be happy to receive any of those cards as they're all really cool!

  6. O that's right I have to get me some nice cards. thanks for reminding me. You have made the search easier.